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Your Time, Your Schedule
    Flexible schedules, so learning can happen anytime. We work around your child’s busy schedules and our tutors are available even after the traditional 9:00 – 5:00 office hours. This gives access to answers when a question come up and there is no waiting time until the next scheduled tutoring session. In addition, there is more learning time and less driving time when you join our group, so you save a considerable amount of commuting time.
Our Teaching Method
    We use a variety of teaching aids to help understand for all learning styles. We keep students fully engaged and on-task during an entire session. Additionally, we add the elements of Fun and Entertainment in some subjects, or we relate it to something of familiar to help your child learn the concepts efficiently. Our method allows your kids to utilize different technologies, and they enjoy using the technology they love to connect to someone for help that is completely focused on them and their problem. Itutorlive delivers all the benefits of live instruction at home or on the go.
Affordable Cost
    Here you can get highly qualified tutors at affordable prices. We went even further helping you save more money by offering one package and give your child access to expert tutors in several subjects.
Empowering technique
    With our method, even the shyest students ask questions and explain what they need to understand within the comfort of their home, so they develop their questioning skills and become more interested and engaged in their own learning.
Expert tutors
    Our tutors hold a wealth of knowledge, experience and academic degrees. They truly excited about what they're teaching which will help your kids become passionate about learning.
Various of Subjects
    We will provide instructors for almost any subjects:
    • Reading, Writing, Math, Study Skills, Spelling, Vocabulary and Phonics
    • K-12 single and multiple subjects including Geometry, Algebra, Trigonometry, Pre-Calculus, Calculus, Science, Biology, Physics, Chemistry.
    • pre-college prep, SAT/ACT/ AP test prep.
    • Tutoring for college students and adults.

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