Kin Shing Chong

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Hi, I am Kin Shing. I am applying for teaching IB Physics. I came from Hong Kong. I graduated from HKUST with BSc in Physics, Minor in Liberal Studies. I had been a full time high-school tutor in Hong Kong for more than 7 years since I graduated. I taught varies Exam boards including IB, SAT, GCSE, AL, AP and HKDSE.   My students achieved highest grade among all the exam boards.

I am passionate in teaching physics and I had a lot of resources and  tools to help my students. I has also used digital tools for my teaching since 2018 so I excel the online learning transition during COVID. I had professional set-up for online teaching such as hardware, software and network.

I am currently studying Software Development at SAIT and I live in Calgary now.

I achieved 5** in Physics HKDSE( which is the highest grade) in consecutive years. That is to quantify my level of understanding of high-school physics.

I also had math tutoring experience and I taught a few of my fellow students UG level Physics.


  • BSc

    2011 - 2016 HKUST


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