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SAT Tutoring Center
Math,Chemistry tutor
All our tours are experts in the subjects they teach and they are real people you can rely on for help 24/7.

Are you tired of commuting from morning to evening to take your kids to school, after school, and then learning centers to help your child with their schoolwork?
Are you tired of searching for reliable tutors to help your kids improve their performance?
Are you tired of paying hundreds of dollars to get academic help outside of the classroom?
Our expert tutors are here to improve your child’s grades, raise their college entrance test scores and help them gain the academic confidence needed to succeed.
Studies show that environment and teaching styles affect students’ performance:
  • Some students learn just by theory
  • Some students learn by relating the subject to something of familiar
  • Some students learn by testing and experimentations
  • Some students learn by applications

Benefit from our 20 years of research, teaching experience, and teaching materials to help your child understand the concepts in depth and improve their grades. We add the elements of Fun and Entertainment in some subject, or we relate it to something of familiar to help your child learn the concepts efficiently.
All classes will be live online. Your kids have live interaction with their instructors and ask questions. Here, we monitor our students and at the end of each session our instructors will fill out an evaluation form to provide feedback about your child progress. Moreover, there is an optional survey for parents to evaluate the tutoring assistance you have received. With our method, our students have access to the recorded version of each live session, so they can review the materials at their own pace anytime needed. We give them several practice exams and treat them the same as on-site tutorial centers.

What make us different than others
  • You have access to the recorded version of each live session
  • We monitor your kids and evaluate their progress
  • We give your child adequate questions and similar problems to make sure they fully understand the concepts
  • We help your kids to improve their study skills, enhance their learning capability, and improve their confidence needed to succeed
  • We cover variety of subjects from Algebra, Calculus and Statistics to English, Chemistry and Physics, as well as Test prep and AP.
  • Your kids can have live interaction with their instructor and ask questions during the one on one tutoring
  • Our tutors are all certified teachers, college professors, graduate students and professionals with Masters Degrees, Ph.D.'s and Ivy League credentials.
  • Our tutors are selected through a rigorous screening process with subject exams, mock tutoring sessions, mentor review and third-party background check.
  • Our tutors are skilled at tutoring in our online classroom and helping students understand concepts through chat, shared whiteboard, and file-sharing.
experts math tutor
  • If your child has questions about some of the concepts
  • If your child is struggling in some subjects and needs help to improve his/her grades
  • If your child wants to get prepared and ace an important exam
What people say about us
  • Thanks for helping my son to improve his grade in algebra 2 and chemistry. Yesterday I got his report card and his grades jumped from C in both subjects to B+ in algebra 2 and A- in chemistry!!"Edika.M"

  • You boost my SAT score! I am happy to say that with your help I was able to get into my top choice college. Your practice exams, lecture notes and test taking strategies helped me with my time management skills, understanding the concepts and building my test taking confidence. Thanks for being available whenever I had questions. I truly want to say thank you! "Charl.D"

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